Start Small

It's important to be a little cleaner

and it starts with 3 simple ingredients.


Just mix ScrubMask™ in your hand with a few drops of water using your fingertips until you make a mud. For exfoliation, gently massage on your face, avoiding the eye area, then rinse. To draw out toxins and oil, use as a mask, leaving on your face about 10 minutes or until dry, then wash off.

Keep it simple with ONE product that multitasks for you.


I love how it leaves my skin feeling so clean!

– Michelle F.

As a busy mom of three young kids, I don't want to use multiple products. I need one product that does multiple jobs. ScrubMask exfoliates and cleans in one step.

– Jill L.

Never before has my skin felt so smooth! I love that there are just a few ingredients and they are all things I can pronounce! No chemicals, no bad stuff…all good-for-your-skin goodness!

– Ann L.

I love the scrub mask because of how smooth it makes my skin feel, as well as the ease of applying. I can use it in the shower, apply and rinse. My face afterward feels VERY smooth and rejuvenated (younger). Additionally, I have very sensitive skin and react to many mainstream products: I have NEVER had an issue with this one!

– Sara L.

I love it!!

– Cindy

Absolutely the best product I have used on my face!!! Ever!!! Clears my breakouts up overnight. The best part is, it is gentle enough to use every day. Try it! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

– Michelle D.

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